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Ever thought of having your own outlet with minimum capital investment ?
Well, this could be your best solution to owning one!

• Easy to set-up
• A self-service concept with very low beadcount ( as low as 2 staff serving and operating the outlet )
• An attractive menu – all time Malaysian favourites, Premium Dim Sum range and Western Delights.
• A fairly low investment start-up cost and overhead
• Lower risk for entrepreneurship
• Products are up to 1-year shelf life, so no wastages and throw- aways


The kiosk model is basically a small corner or space you need to set-up it up.

• Extremely easy to start up
• Utilizes minimum space (5 – 7 feets )
• Low investment start-up cost
• A self-service concept with no headcount required
• Limited top selling products
• Products are up to 1-year shelf life, so no wastages and throw-aways


This is definitely a good choice for Food Servce Providers where demand for service and quality is emphasized.  

• Challenging workers/ head turn over kitchen staff
• Inconsistent quality and taste
• High wastages wipes out profits
• No worries on price hikes on raw ingredients
• Costyle kitchen set-up
• Better profit margin and better time management


When your business expanding the best way is to make sure your production remaining low. This is where we come in by customize the product for you with proper branding packaging to assist your product to grow.

• No staff issues
• Consistent taste and quality
• Proud branding awareness
• Never run out of stock and worry about no stock
• More time to focus on growth, expansion and marketing