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Kinabalu Food Industries (KFI) is the first of its kind company in Malaysia to introduce microwavable frozen ‘Ready-To-Eat’ (RTE) meals. KFI company is also the first sole distributor of this convenient concept meals in Malaysia.   All of our ‘Ready-To-Eat’ meals are locally manufactured in our factory located at Shah Alam, and we are ISO:22000 and HACCP certified, approved and HALAL certified under the Malaysian Law.  The company strictly follows all ISO and HACCP regulations during the manufacturing of all ‘Ready-To-Eat’ meals to assure quality control and to meet the highest standards in the food industry. Among our brands are K Signature, K Miniature, K ‘GoTravel, and ’Mamamia.

Our mission is to create convenience for the modern living society through our Ready-To-Eat meals concept without compromising on the taste and quality

KFI plans to be the customers preferred choice in HALAL “Ready-To-Eat” meals and to be the best service provider in the world.

The integrity of the KFI product brand begins with the ingredients of the ‘Ready-To-Eat’ meals. We pledge to use only top quality ingredients for the very best in quality and taste.  The long shelf life of the RTE meals require specially designed packaging materials and highly developed production equipment and fully automated, top of the line equipment for cooking, filling, sealing and retorting the RTE meals. Kinabalu Food Industries is committed to use only the finest ingredients and the best quality packaging materials for our RTE meals.  This dedication combined with the advanced equipment in the industry guarantees the freshness of our products with longer shelf life. More importantly, all products manufactured are certified HALAL by Jakim, Malaysia. In addition, effective November 2017, we are also ISO:22000 Certified.

KFI is an Award Winning company which puts us ahead of the game in both Company and Product Brand :





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